The best dental care "total package" I have experienced! And I am old! From the front desk, to the dental hygienists, dental assistants, and dentists, everyone shows kindness, a caring attitude, professionalism, and skill. Wonderful place.Jeanne W.
Friendly staff, good doctors. They keep the patients involved in the process. Sitting in a dentist chair can be unnerving but here you can look out and see the horse farm and lots of nature. This is a calming environment. This is a class act dental practice.Clare W.
The best three doctors this girl has ever had the pleasure of working with! Amazing team of fine young ladies, they show compassion and are always on top of the updated dental knowledge! Great place!Jlee C.
The care received here is the best ever. I have never ever been associated with such a kind caring and professional office such as this. They are above and beyond any. I love you all!Peggy S.
I've experienced routine cleaning, crowns, and a root canal and they've all been handled professionally and with great care for how I was feeling during the procedures.Rich A.

Dental Implants vs. Dentures | Chambersburg, PA

What Is the Difference Between Dental Implants and Dentures?

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Living with Missing Teeth Can Be Stressful

Tooth loss can have a devastating effect on your health, appearance, social life and confidence. Drs. Fulton and Sargent design beautiful, natural looking dentures and also restores dental implants. While dentures are affordable and convenient, you may find that you are unhappy with their instability. If you are embarrassed by shifting dentures or clicking noises when you speak, dental implants may offer a permanent, stable solution for you. Whether you choose dentures or dental implants, missing teeth should be restored as quickly as possible. The consequences of long-term tooth loss include:

Dental Implants vs Dentures in Chambersburg PA
  • Bone loss and potential changes in facial structure
  • Difficulty chewing and speaking
  • Movement of the surrounding teeth
  • Negative changes in appearance
  • Loss of confidence and decreased enjoyment of daily activities

Determining the Right Option to Restore Missing Teeth

Dentures Chambersburg PADentures are a removable option that provides you with a quick, affordable solution for missing teeth. They are often held in place with adhesives and therefore are not the most stable solution.

Dental implants are a permanent restoration that look and feel like your natural teeth. Implanted into the bone, implants offer you durability unmatched by other methods. In fact, their design helps to preserve bone health. They are easy to maintain, require no special food restrictions and can last a lifetime. For successful placement, some patients may need additional treatments, like bone grafting.

Implant-supported dentures offer many of the best features of both implants and dentures. With this option, several implants are placed strategically and topped with either a metal bar or metal studs. A prosthetic is then created to snap onto the studs or attach to the bar. This elevates the prosthesis so that it does not rest directly on your gums, provides stability, and prevents bone loss.

Expertise in Smile Makeovers

Let us give you your smile back. Drs. Fulton and Sargent are trained and experienced in tooth replacement and have had advanced education in bringing the smile and its functional elements into harmony. Call our office to schedule a consultation with our doctors and discover how easy it is to get the beautiful, healthy smile you deserve. To see how happy our patients are with their new smiles, read our patient testimonials.

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