The best dental care "total package" I have experienced! And I am old! From the front desk, to the dental hygienists, dental assistants, and dentists, everyone shows kindness, a caring attitude, professionalism, and skill. Wonderful place.Jeanne W.
Friendly staff, good doctors. They keep the patients involved in the process. Sitting in a dentist chair can be unnerving but here you can look out and see the horse farm and lots of nature. This is a calming environment. This is a class act dental practice.Clare W.
The best three doctors this girl has ever had the pleasure of working with! Amazing team of fine young ladies, they show compassion and are always on top of the updated dental knowledge! Great place!Jlee C.
The care received here is the best ever. I have never ever been associated with such a kind caring and professional office such as this. They are above and beyond any. I love you all!Peggy S.
I've experienced routine cleaning, crowns, and a root canal and they've all been handled professionally and with great care for how I was feeling during the procedures.Rich A.

Six Month Smiles® | Chambersburg, PA

Straighten Your Teeth in Less Time with Six Month Smiles®

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A Barely Noticeable Orthodontic Treatment with Fast Results!

Are you embarrassed about your crooked teeth? Feeling ashamed of your appearance can make you withdraw socially. This is even more pronounced in teens. However, many adults and teens do not want to wear conventional braces for two to three years. Drs. Fulton chose to offer Six Month Smiles® because they wanted to offer a solution to improve smiles in less time. For the ideal candidate, Six Month Smiles® is a great option for straightening teeth. If you want to straighten your front teeth, have a minor cross bite or suffer from moderate to severe crowding, Six Month Smiles® may be for you.

How Does Six Month Smiles® Differ from Braces?

Six Month Smiles® focuses on the teeth that are visible when you smile. They are an ideal treatment for patients whose back teeth are already in alignment. Six Month Smiles® works with a system of brackets and wires like traditional braces do. However, Six Month Smiles® offers numerous benefits when the two are compared, such as:

  • Six Month Smiles® have clear brackets with white wires--most people barely even notice that you are wearing them
  • Six Month Smiles® improve the appearance of your teeth in a shorter period, even faster than Invisalign®

Dawson Dentist in Chambersburg, PACaring for Your Smile Takes Experience and Training

Dr. Fulton and Sargent has had advanced training with Six Month Smiles® and is also an alumni of the Dawson Academy, a school that emphasizes full mouth treatment over single tooth treatment. His extra training in occlusion, or bite alignment, makes him an authority on orthodontics. To have teeth that feel comfortable when you bite and look beautiful when you smile, call our office to schedule your consultation with our experienced dentists today.

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